An entrepreneur and technologist by passion, expert in scaling a tech product from few hundreds users to millions of users. Known for innovation. And a true problem solver.

I am an entrepreneur and technologist by passion, an expert in scaling a tech product from few hundreds users to millions of users. I am known for innovation. And I am a true problem solver.

Let me try to summarise my personal journey in three distinct, but interconnected, phases – building the expertise, continuous learning and rewards & recognition.

Building The Expertise

I studied political science, history and hindi literature at college as I found these subjects intriguing. And then I pursued a Masters in Business Administration from NIM.

While studying management at NIM, I started looking at ways to solve complex business problems using technologies that are affordable and available to everyone. Soon enough, I started exploring various open source platforms. And, today, with over 17 years of experience, I have worked on 1000+ open source technologies to build applications that solve complex problems at a significantly reduced cost.

In terms of technologies, I have been pretty hands-on with:

HTML, LAMP, Databases, AJAX, PHP, JavaScript, Oracle, XML, Open Source, jQuery, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Subversion, CSS, Git, XHTML, Ruby on Rails, Python, NoSQL, HTML5

And in terms of industry knowledge, you can count on me for:

Cloud Computing, Web Services, Web Development, Security, Virtualization, Software Development, Shell Scripting, Project Management, Infrastructure, Linux System Administration, Web Applications, Unix Shell Scripting and Project Planning.

Continuous Learning & Moving Up The Curve

Over the years, I conceptualized and nurtured two successful startups – Sygitech and QlickTrack. Both these companies are great stories. And what made these stories so great is the rigour that I went through before setting up these startups.

Before I took the plunge to go on my own, I spent several years at some of the biggest IT companies in India. I started out with Monster. Then I worked for HCL. And lastly, I moved on to become the head of web infrastructure, and later VP of technology, at Indiamart. These were great organizations to work with. I learnt various nuances of technology business at these companies before embarking on my journey as an entrepreneur.

At Monster, I learnt to manage the hosting infrastructure. While at HCL, I offered technology consulting to various global customers of HCL, developed world-class solutions as per their custom needs, did a lot of knowledge transfer and trained several tech teams.

My roles and responsibilities expanded by leaps and bounds when I moved to Indiamart. I got the opportunity to design the next generation architecture, gave technical consulting to product teams, and defined optimal and the right technologies to be used across different product lines. In addition, I made significant contributions in areas such as software development, mobile site and mobile apps development, performance optimization, database (Oracle/MySQL) management, backups, disaster recovery, application load balancing, database replication, networks, server security, server virtualization, server consolidation, and cost management.

As I moved up to be the Vice President of technology at Indiamart, I got the opportunity to take several strategic initiatives. These included strategizing the adoption of new technologies, planning and key business requirements with the help of technology, open source implementation and adoption, server infrastructure management, cloud infrastructure management, infrastructure performance management, product development and deployment, managing R&D teams, and cost optimization, etc.

Reward & Recognition

My hard work was rewarded throughout my career. At several occasions across various organizations, I was recognized as the best performer of the year. Over the years, I was conferred awards such as EMI Excellence award for 2010 at HCL, star performer of the year, extraordinary performance award, platinum Club winner, 1st runner up of the best security quality initiative, gold club winner and significant contributor award.

My journey through these organizations have been extremely enriching and rewarding. By November 2014, I had made up my mind to set up my own venture. After doing a deep due diligence for a few years, I finally took the plunge and my first startup came into existence! Every entrepreneur has a story. Setting up a company was just the tip of the iceberg. I am still living this beautiful story. I am learning everyday and working towards creating value for my clients.

Of late, many leading publications, such as PC World, Business Today, etc., featured me and my work in their magazines. It really feels great to share my experiences with today’s budding entrepreneurs and help them keep aiming big to bring their dreams to fruition.